Land Survey Education Society


(Survey Training Institute)


Surveyor' One/Two Years Course & Special Training.

The Society Conducted Numerous Survey Training in collaboration with Central Government Organisation.

Institute offers “Surveyors Certificate Course” which covers Chain Survey, Leveling Existing Road, Proposed Road, L-Section, Cross Section etc),Prismatic Compass Survey, Land Measurement, Drawing & Settlement Amin Works, Theodolite Survey, Contour (Topographical & Techometric Survey) Alignment & Detailing ( Highway, Ropeway, Transmission Line Survey, Pipe Line Survey, Boundary Survey, City Survey, Layout, Closed Traverse etc.

Besides these, various automated softwares are beng taught here, such as AUTOCAD, PROGE CAD, BRICS CAD, ZW CAD, G STAR CAD, E SURVEY CAD, E SURVEY SECTION, E SURVEY KML, E SURVEY LEAPS, AUTO PLOTTER, ROAD ESTIMATOR, SOLE PROFESSIONAL, SOLE CANAL (highly used survey engineering software), TERRAMODEL

Theory & Practical Training on Modify Dumpy Levels, Auto Levels, 20” & 10” Verinor Theodolites, Total Station(TS) Hand GPS etc. Building Plan etc. Besides above study structure our students are also taught Auto Level, Total Station (TS), GPS, and CAD to meet up present day need.